Cozy Up Your Home For Autumn

The autumn months are officially upon us, as of the 1st of March, and what a better time to cozy up your space with our soft blankets and new scatter cushion designs. The easiest, and most affordable way to cozy up your living room and bedrooms for the season is to rotate blankets, scatter cushions and other decor items.

By starting with a neutral colour palette with your larger furnishings, you have more freedom to experiment with new trends and colours to match each season. An autumn colour palette is about capturing the natural tones of the season – this is the classic reds, yellows, oranges, and browns that we all know and love. That doesn’t mean you can only choose those colours.

Do your research on what colours are trending for the year and be inspired by them. Most jewel-toned hues will work for the colder months too, including deep purples, greens, and blues.

Greens are growing quite popular recently, according to Pinterest searches being up almost 80% compared to previous years. Greens are super versatile and a nice way to bring the outside in during the colder months. “If you love the colour but don’t want to make any permanent changes, add in pops of rich jewel-toned greens through your cushions, prints and decorative items.” – Design Manager for Christy England.

Pile on the Cozy Blankets

There’s a blanket for every season in our range. Add one or more throws to the living room couch or your favorite armchair. Find some inspiring ideas and tips on how to style a throw or blanket here,

Faux fur blankets and other plush textures are probably the easiest and most effective way to make a space feel warmer. Choosing these in warm and rich colours, such as, subtle yellows, burnt oranges, earthy browns and other rich tones will just add to that warmth. Plaid patterns are also a popular favourite for the cooler seasons as they feel classic, especially draped over a soft leather couch. Our Scotch Throws are perfect for this.

Remember all Sesli blankets can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle or can be dry cleaned. Air dry your blanket before putting it away.

Change up your scatter cushions

Nothing is cozier than curling up into a pile of pillows on the couch. We have a range of scatter cushions to match any season or personal style.

Similar to the blankets, we suggest using warmer colours and soft fabrics for autumn and winter. Pack away the light, bright, and breezy until spring.


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