Don’t Just “Throw” a throw over your couch

We all see it in the interior design magazines of the perfect throw over the perfect couch with the perfect colour scheme. Unfortunately, when you try it at home it doesn’t look anything like that picture.

A throw is a home essential and we are going to teach you how to use it and why every home needs at least one!

Interior designers claim that one of their most used items to decorate with is a throw blanket. Designers use throws to add pops of colour or unique texture. Throws are practical, but also create a cosy welcoming vibe to your home, regardless of the season! A throw visually adds a softness to a space. If you have children or pets, throws can even cover a nice piece of furniture, as it is much easier to clean than a couch. Throws are affordable decor items that will finish a space off perfectly. When it comes to design in your home, work with the ‘rule of three.’ This means when decorating use either 2 pillows & 1 blanket or 3 pillows & 2 blankets. If you have become a lover of blankets and throws and now have no more space….. There’s a solution for you too! Get a small basket for your living room where you can keep all your most loved throws or blankets.

How to tell the difference between a blanket and throw?
One of the main differences between these two is their size. Where it is not unusual that you find a bigger throw, the more common difference is the throw is a smaller version of a bigger blanket. Throws are made to wrap around yourself or you and your partner when there is a chill or to complement a bed or couch whereas a blanket is used for warmth and to fit a bed.

Find the perfect throw material
The most common throw material is a plush throw. This a light material with synthetic fibres, while also making it cost-effective. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, this is the perfect throw for you! If you’re looking for breathability in your throw, the natural cotton throw is the way to go. The ventilation in these throws is created like this to keep its user cool. Fur has been one of the more favoured materials to keep warm, we use faux fur as the animal-friendly alternative as we love our animals. These throws offer insulation in order to trap heat to keep you warm during those cold nights. While there are countless more materials, these are the more common and popular ones that you will find.


Designers choose colours that complement or match another item in the room. The most important is that it matches the couch or bed it is overlaying. This could either be by using a complementary colour, for example, if you have a neutral couch a nice bright colour matching your lamp will look stunning.

A collection of throws is also a great way to spice up your home. Changing your throws for every occasion! For a Christmas feel you might want to find a nice striking red throw or for winter a nice navy colour while keeping in mind the colour of your couch.

How can I place the throw to look like those pictures?

It’s simple! Drape it over the back of the couch to the front. (IMG: 001)

Fold the throw into a thinner rectangle and then drape it over the sofa’s arm. (IMG: 002)

You can fold it nicely and place it in the middle of the couch. For placement, go with right angles to other furniture. (IMG: 003)

A wall ladder is an alternative option particularly if your blanket is display-worthy; the ladder adds an art piece element. If you are going, for the less ‘perfect’ look, and want your guests to flop down on your couch, a great alternative is by twisting your throw and casually draping it over from the back to the front. (IMG: 004)

Or place it under your throw pillows slightly sticking out. (IMG:005)

How often should a throw be washed?

This depends on what you use the throw for, on average, the throw should be cleaned once a month. If you are a person who uses the throw for more than just looking pretty then we suggest once every two weeks give it a good wash. Washing your throw too often may remove the cosiness of the throw. Please also pay attention to the washing instructions as this depends on the material.

Throws can be used in multiple ways and for multiple purposes. We can see why designers love this tool! Throws are versatile and the ideal affordable home accessory. Find yours today at Sesli.


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