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Empowering Our Community

At Sesli, charity work is a key fundamental part of our business. We are so grateful to all our customers for contributing to this cause.

We have interviewed our donation partners, Nicole Herbert and Thato(TT) Mbha from Special OPS Team, who have helped us with the donation drop that took place recently, to give you an insight into the first-hand experience that comes with the donations that you help bring to life by donating through our website and stores!

Nicole states that [they] “were deeply grateful for the donation of 100 Sesli blankets” that they had received from Sesli. After having completed the donation drop, Nicole and TT, have been exposed to additional opportunities to give back to our community, more individuals and companies want to get involved in bringing the less fortunate the warmth they deserve during these cold times, and, as stated by Nicole, blankets can be symbolised as a keepsake.

TT has said that these donations also help him empower his movement, Amatyma, that supports fathers who may have been affected by Gender-based violence (GBV) and making the statement that men too become affected by these dreadful crimes. The donation drive has brought empowerment to these fathers, which serves as a very important item in their lives, it is used in many moments of fatherhood, from warming up their kids by wrapping the child in the blanket, or having a nice picnic together, to ‘Mpempe-ing’ their kids on their backs with the blankets.
TT also states that a blanket is an important symbol, in some cultures. For example, when getting married or when mourning, blankets are exchanged as gifts as a sign of respect and are used in many more traditional events as such.

Donating blankets to the less fortunate is more than warmth. It is also a form of empowerment as a result of many individuals coming together to contribute their part to improve lives. Many of those that receive donation blankets, come from very poor backgrounds and are exposed to difficult living conditions, such as sleeping without a bed, or a proper roof over their heads. They are reminded that “having nothing doesn’t make you a nobody.” as mentioned by TT.

Nicole stated that “ It is about the fact that it is locally manufactured, and that the quality of the blanket is beyond the standard blankets that get donated,”
Many times, the usual grey recycled blankets donated are not comfortable, we go the extra mile to ensure that even the less fortunate are given something that represents our Sesli comfortability and quality.

TT added to this by saying that the blankets are more than a simple object to keep someone warm, but about human dignity. He says that the good quality and comfort that a Sesli donation blanket offers, empowers their dignity. One would not want to give their loved ones or even themselves a poor quality blanket, and that should apply to donations too.
The moment of being able to gift someone a blanket of this standard which holds so much power in its meaning, is absolutely priceless. It is truly a joyful and breathtaking moment, being able to experience how grateful and humble someone else can be for a small donation made by a single person. By being able to save someone from going cold through winter, you are improving a life.

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