How does wholesale at Sesli work?

Sesli Textiles is a well-known blanket wholesaler, supplying retailers and corporate companies throughout South Africa. Blanket manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, the whole production line – that is Sesli Textiles. Getting access to our range of wholesale blankets and throws and linen have never been easier. We also ensure great customer service until your blankets are delivered directly to you.

We’ve seen a huge interest from client’s who don’t own businesses but buy to resell in the rural areas, which is a great opportunity for an income since people in the rural area’s can’t access our stores.

We’re one of the most prominent blanket wholesalers in South Africa and offer very affordable, in fact, the best prices to our valued wholesale clients. Your profits are important to us, as it’s a win-win scenario, which is why we pride ourselves on not only superior customer service, but on our low prices too.

Our wholesale division is focused on offering you, our wholesale clients, the best service to ensure that you are happy and therefore keep coming back. As a leading blanket wholesaler, we ensure that we carry high stock levels at all times, so that we can meet your wholesale orders on time and efficiently.

We offer deliveries direct to your door for your convenience, so that you can focus on your business, while we focus on manufacturing and delivering some of the best blankets that money can buy. Our minimum order quantity in order to receive wholesale prices is 100x.


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