How to care for your new Sesli Blanket

How To Care For Your New Sesli Blanket

Have you just bought a brand new Sesli blanket in superior condition and would like for it to look like when you first bought it forever? Or do you have a Sesli blanket that you bought years ago and looking for the perfect way for it to stay like that? With extra care, you can keep your Sesli product in superior, pristine condition.

To care for your blanket there are simple ‘rules’ that you can follow to keep your Sesli blanket in tip top shape! Do not iron or bleach your product (you have probably heard this hundreds of times before, but this still applies here.) 

Washing dark colours separately is recommended.

When giving your blanket a good wash at 30 degrees, you can tumble dry your blanket on low, for a soft and fluffy finish. You can’t be too long without your Sesli blanket! Ensure that your blanket has been air dried completely. To give the ultimate care for your blanket, do not iron or bleach your product.

If you do not feel fully comfortable with washing your Sesli blanket yourself we have ensured that our blankets are also dry cleanable.


Once your blanket has a sparkle clean finish, you will need to store it during the summer months. Keep the blankets in a cool dry place.  Sesli Designer’s recommend storing them in a blanket bag/box to keep dust away during the warmer months. Add the Sesli perfume bag that comes with the blanket when purchased, with your blanket.

Hanging the blanket in the sun is the best option for a fresh and dry blanket, blankets can be hung on a washing line without stretching. If you do tumble dry make sure that you set the dryer on low heat.

Our locally produced blankets are made from high-quality fibres and created with love to have a long life span, and if you care for it as much as we do when we create it, your snuggle buddy will last a very long time!


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