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When finding the perfect blanket to suit your unique taste, you always wonder if you’re going to get the long-lasting quality you’re hoping for. So, what exactly goes behind that quality? Read on to find out how you can find a flawless addition to your home.

A common misconception with blankets is that the more Ply a blanket is made of, the better quality it will be. This will lead people to buy 3-Ply blankets although the quality could be compromised in this sense. Sometimes, manufacturers will place a poor-quality middle layer in the blanket, which will lead it to tear and separate from the blanket on the inside.

Sesli Textiles - Paris Pattern Blue Blanket - Know Your Blankets
Sesli Textiles - Know Your Blankets

At Sesli, we prefer to create 1-Ply and 2-Ply blankets at most, because we believe this will give you the best quality experience.

If you are searching for material options, we simply use polyester, acrylic and cotton. Polyester is a material softer to touch and will last you about 5-10 years. Acrylic is used in our Hotel and Donation range of blankets that last up to 15 years. Finally, cotton is the most breathable material, allowing you to regulate your temperature in either cold/warm seasons. Acrylic and cotton retain heat a lot better than polyester.

Sizing is also very important when shopping for a new blanket. If you have a queen bed for example, and you see a Queen-King blanket size, this blanket would be ideal if you like the aesthetic of the blanket covering your bed on the ends. If you prefer the blanket to fit and not hang off the edges, then you might prefer the standard Queen size blankets.

Of course, most of your decision relies on what you need to fit your requirements and your personal preferences. You’ll have to take into consideration how cold/warm you feel under certain blankets during certain types of weather, what size bed you need to fit the blanket on and how you’d like it to look. For any of these situations, you can find your perfect fit for an affordable price and rest assured that all our blankets are high quality. Visit our website at to find your ideal blanket.

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