Donation Collection

The gift of giving - Offering those less fortunate our range of Donation blankets.
Sesli Textiles (Pty) Ltd have crafted a heart-warming Donation Collection intended to bring comfort to those less fortunate. Providing the gift of a blanket to a homeless person may often be the reassurance that the world does indeed care for their well-being. It can keep one warm during our bitterly cooler months and bring a sense of security and belonging in warmer months.

We often do not understand the full impact of the less fortunate, who often have to continue moving to survive in colder conditions. It’s a constant worry for these individuals, never knowing where their next meal may come from. Our blankets can equip them with protection from all elements. Giving blankets to the homeless, is wonderful way to help and uplift your community.

Our blankets are manufactured from recycled acrylic yarn, available in the colour grey and comes packed in a plastic bag for safe-keeping. Sesli Textiles can guarantee you that our Donation Collection is not of secondary quality and provides superior ease at affordable prices. We ensure that our blankets are non-allergic and anti-bacterial, with the gram per square meter being 500m.

Our Sesli Textile Donation collection is available in the following sizes:
  • Starting at 130x180cm weighing 1,15kg
  • Single size 150x200cm weighing 1,5kg
  • Double size 200x230cm weighing 2,3kg


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