Chenille Throws Collection

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Our chenille yarn is manufactured by placing short lengths of yarn, referred to as “pile”, between two “corn yarns” and then twisting the yarn together. The edges of these piles then stand at the right angles to the yarn’s core – giving our Chenille Throws both its softness and quality look.

Often Chenille can appear to look different in one direction compared to another, the fibres in our Chenille Throws capture light distinctly. Chenille can appear even iridescent without the use of iridescent fibres. The yarn is commonly manufactured from acrylic materials.

Our standard size Chenille Throw is 130x180cm (including a frill) and weighs 0,75kg. Manufactured from 100% acrylic yarn, the grams per a square metre is 320. Our sizes include:
  • 130x180cm with frill
  • 150x200cm without frill (hem)
Produced in a variety of textures, colours and sizes – we offer a diverse range. Sesli Textiles can alter colour combinations and sizes for larger volume orders.

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