South Africa is best known for its diverse cultures and beliefs. With eleven official languages and many more unofficial languages, it’s both beautiful and inspiring to witness people appreciate different cultures in their everyday lives and come together to form our Rainbow Nation.

A great way of showing appreciation to our diverse country is by including South African-inspired décor in your home. Read our blog below to find ways on how to decorate your home proudly South African style while supporting local this Human Rights month


South African colours naturally come with a vibrant energy. Shades like bright yellows, warm oranges and burnt reds represent our breath-taking sunrises and sunsets. Shades of blue represent our clear African skies, and earthy browns symbolise our rich, fertile soil. When you choose décor and ornaments in bold and bright traditional South African-inspired colours for your home, you are effortlessly taking stylish and modern design trends and adding a South African touch to it.


South Africa is also known for its detailed, vibrant patterns. These South African patterns are usually characterised by their complex geometric shapes, and can be found in many traditional fabrics such as woven carpets and baskets, beaded items, and pottery.

Incorporating South African-inspired patterns is a perfect choice when you are looking to switch up your home’s décor. You can successfully do this by adding a throw, woven basket, or carpets to your living space. To achieve a modern and stylish South African-inspired home, shop local by visiting Sesli to get yourself a couple of interior statement pieces.


A unique feature in South African-inspired décor is the tradition of using decorative items made of natural materials. Many cultures around South Africa make their decorative items using natural materials, such as animal skin, clay, leather, and textiles, carpets and baskets woven from natural materials and fabrics. You can easily find these natural decorative items all around you, and at affordable prices. Using natural materials in your home is therefore a great choice!

Incorporating South African elements into your interior design while still maintaining a modern or popular aesthetic is achievable through many ways. You just have to find a favourite local décor theme and follow through with it. Additionally, a South African-inspired design not only adds to the overall style, but it also helps you support and promote local – making you feel like a very proud South African!


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