The Right Rug For Your Home

The Right Rug For Your Home

A rug is essential in completing the look of a room. It ties all the elements you have, together. It may prove to be rather difficult to know what kind of rug is the right size, colour and type for your living room, bedroom or dining room. We are here to help ease your mind and give you a bit of perspective on how to choose a rug fit for your home. Whether you are looking for a fresh new accent piece in your home or looking to start redesigning a room with a fresh new eye-catcher, this is the article for you!

The Right Rug For Your Home || Key Points To Consider

Key Points To Consider

When you’re beginning to look for your new rug, there are several key points you need to keep in mind to help you find the perfect rug fit for your home.

First, you need to have a look at the room in which you’ll be placing your rug. By this, we mean to have a look at what kind of flooring and walls are in the room. Warmer toned floors compliment warmer coloured rugs, while lighter toned flooring compliments grey/white/navy rugs.

Consider the colours your room has already, and if you do not have furniture yet and are starting with the rug, you can put your room together by working around the rug you buy. By doing this you could make the rug the centre of attention and a great eye-catcher.

Think about how durable you would need the rug to be. In a busier room, such as the living room, you might need to consider shopping for a rug that can handle wear and tear. Synthetic fibres such as wool and natural fibres such as sisal are a good choice if you need a rug that will last a group gathering or a toddler rampaging through your living room.

This being said, you also need to consider the upkeep of your rug, as it often will need to be vacuumed and cleaned. If you have pets or a young family member, consider not giving yourself a hard time by having to clean a lovely white rug every time they decide to trot over it.

Now that you know your pre-deciding requirements for your new rug, you can start to shop around for something that’ll be the right fit for your room.

The Right Rug For Your Home || Room Layout

Room Layout

When it comes to layout, you need to consider how much space you have to work with in the room your new rug will be going in. You don’t want it to be too large, or too small for the assortment of furniture in that specific room. It’s good to keep a rug at a comfortable 16 centimetres (minimum) wider on either side of your furniture and to run it along the length of the furniture.

Think about what type of fabrics you would like to use in the room. For example, less saturated colours will go well with fabrics such as silk or wool. You don’t want to make the room seem very chaotic with too many fuzzy-looking furniture pieces.

If you already have furniture in the room, think about how they will work with the rug you’re thinking of buying and what your rug looks like. For example, a larger couch would take away from a beautifully patterned rug if it takes up a lot of its surface. Plain rugs work well where the furniture will be the centre of attention and the rug simply accents them. However, if you would like to place more attention on the rug, you may consider buying a more patterned or detailed rug with sophisticated, simple furniture to accent it and not just cover it up.

The Takeaway

Having taken all these points into consideration, you can rest assured that you’ll have the perfect rug in your home. At Sesli, we have many different kinds of rugs for you to consider sprucing up your home with. Visit us in-store to find the rug perfect for you!

The Right Rug For Your Home || The Takeaway

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