Tips On Making Your Airbnb Feel More Like Home

Whether it’s a guesthouse, Airbnb or bed-and-breakfast, your sole goal is making your guests feel a sense of belonging. Arranging your Airbnb for your guests can be a rather pleasant experience. Besides appreciating the feeling of helping your guests feel well-received, both you as the host and your guests will feel your most comfortable when all is in order and your guests are offered a delightful and at-home stay. 

Below is a compiled list of our top tips to making your Airbnb feel more like home.

Less Is More

Sometimes a little minimalism is everything you need. A compact side table, side lamp and a few neutral coloured layers of clean and modern linens or throws creates a perfectly inviting room for your guests, as long as you ensure that the bedding is straightened and the pillows are fluffed. Shop our range of throws here 

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Having a full-length mirror is something that will be highly-appreciated by your guests. It’s not easy living out of a suitcase, so reassurance that your guests look great is much-needed. Additionally, a mirror is an item that makes even the smallest room feel larger. 

Establish A Sitting Area

A home naturally comes with various rooms, so what better way to make your Airbnb feel more like home than having a designated seating area? It may be dull to have a bed as the only option to relax, so give your guests somewhere a little more exclusive to unwind, such as a lounge. If your place has limited space, a simple chair and coffee table should suffice. 

Remember The Essentials

Including bathroom necessities such as towels, toothpaste, body wash and lotion, kitchen utensils and dishware goes a long way. On this note, remember that we’re well into the 21st century where WIFI is an essential. Home is where the WIFI is, so leave your WIFI password available for your guests to connect as soon as they arrive – this will make all the difference! 

Finally, live up to your expectations. What would you expect in an Airbnb? This is where the golden rule of treating others the way you’d like to be treated comes into play. Consider a 5-star room and make your room measure up to that standard. Provide a comfortable bed and modernise your bedding by including luxurious, freshly ironed bed linens, cosy pillows, or additional blankets. Your budget may be limited so you may not be able to create the ultimate 5-star room, but it’s certainly possible to create an affordably luxurious serene setting for your guests. 


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