Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring

Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring
Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring | Natural Mink Frill Throw

Spring is here! We are most certainly ready and we hope you are too… Are you looking for some fun things to do this spring month? We have some exciting activities and suggestions for you to get that bright feeling.

Every magazine is advertising their new spring looks! Why not get a new outfit without having to have a HUGE jacket covering it. While looking through the new styles of the season, you can sit under a light Sesli blanket or throw because the cold has not disappeared just yet!

A great spring tradition will be the ever so common ‘spring clean.’ Start with your living room, it’s time to throw away some clutter and sweep the floors. We have a great range of bright coloured scatter cushions with unique flower designs to bring spring into your home. When bringing this new look to your home, why not compliment the scatter cushion with a stunning luxurious throw! We have a great section of plush, scotch, coral fleece and sherpa throws from natural colours to a bright duck eg. Pastel and bright accents add the perfect touch to any spring home. The choice is yours.

Transforming your home during this spring season can be a perfect time to add some raw wood. It creates an organic beauty to the space. With this, some beautiful neutral colours will create a calm atmosphere.

Because it is spring, adding some greenery and bright flowers to your home is an essential. There is nothing like walking into a home that smells of fresh flowers! Allergic to flowers? No problem! Fake options look just as beautiful or you can add a fragranced candle for a longer lasting smell!

Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring | Duck Egg Plush Throw
Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring | Chennille Throw

In the bedroom, a simple sheet change can make all the difference! We have a range of sheets and luxury comforter sets to pull this look off both in our Fourways and Robertville stores! Have fun with a patterned sheet or keep it simple and clean and add a soft throw for that accent of colour.


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