With Spring We Awaken Our Senses

Spring is in the air and our colouful blanket collection is all you need to feel like the flowers blooming outside have drifted into your home. This soft, 100% polyester blanket, is the perfect companion to have by your side while winding down from a busy day. They’re plush and uber-soft to the touch, making it feel like you’re lying on a bed of clouds.

We have a range of colours to choose from to suit your home’s colour scheme; from blue, brown, peach, purple and teal. The visual appeal of our blankets with subtle pops of colour makes an impact too. “Easy on the eye” is what we like to call it.

To set up your serene space for an evening of relaxation, simply spray your favourite blanket with floral linen spray or even perfume. Allow that beautiful, feminine, sweet scent to fill your home whenever your blanket is moved. A scented home just gets the setting right that we’re all after, to reach a place of utter relaxation.

3 senses down, 2 to go…

To further set the scene, your favourite tunes are definitely required. Ideally soft, relaxing music, such as jazz or classical notes, which are soothing to the ear and mind. Your choice, as long as it gives you that feeling of calm.

Now that we’ve awakened most of our senses, all you need to do is fill your taste buds with joy. Whether that’s a delicious cup of tea or your favourite wine; top it up and get ready to retreat back to your favourite blanket of the season. Whether this is cuddled up on your bed or couch, or perhaps even outside under the stars, that is completely up to you.

Now that you’ve filled all 5 senses, we recommend that you avoid screens, but instead chat to a loved one, read a book or simply meditate, to reach that place that many of us lack in our lives – Utter relaxation and peace… with your favourite Sesli blanket.

We hope you enjoy everything this wonderful season has to offer before summer arrives!


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