How does wholesale at Sesli work?

Sesli Textiles is a well-known blanket wholesaler, supplying retailers and corporate companies throughout South Africa. Blanket manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, the whole production line – that is Sesli Textiles. Getting access to our range of wholesale blankets and throws and linen have never been easier. We also ensure great customer service until your blankets are […]

How to care for your new Sesli Blanket

How To Care For Your New Sesli Blanket

Have you just bought a brand new Sesli blanket in superior condition and would like for it to look like when you first bought it forever? Or do you have a Sesli blanket that you bought years ago and looking for the perfect way for it to stay like that? With extra care, you can […]

Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring

Ways To Celebrate The Month Of Spring

Spring is here! We are most certainly ready and we hope you are too… Are you looking for some fun things to do this spring month? We have some exciting activities and suggestions for you to get that bright feeling. Every magazine is advertising their new spring looks! Why not get a new outfit without […]

Know Your Blankets

Sesli Textiles || Know Your Blankets

When finding the perfect blanket to suit your unique taste, you always wonder if you’re going to get the long-lasting quality you’re hoping for. So, what exactly goes behind that quality? Read on to find out how you can find a flawless addition to your home. A common misconception with blankets is that the more […]

Empowering Our Community

Sesli Textiles || Empowering Our Community

At Sesli, charity work is a key fundamental part of our business. We are so grateful to all our customers for contributing to this cause. We have interviewed our donation partners, Nicole Herbert and Thato(TT) Mbha from Special OPS Team, who have helped us with the donation drop that took place recently, to give you […]

Scatter With Style

Scatter cushions offer a great and affordable solution for bringing colour and life to a room while combining comfort and style. Since their beginning, scatter cushions have served as an icon of luxury while at an affordable price. Therefore, the more you had in your home, the more successful you would appear to be. Read […]

The History Behind Sesli

The History Behind Sesli

Sesli Textiles PTY LTD was established in 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa by two brothers Muzaffer and Mustafa Sesli. Sesli Textiles has roots in the excellent Turkish textile sector. Over 50 years of knowledge has given Sesli Textiles the responsibility and experience with endless excitement, values and innovation. The company began by locally manufacturing acrylic […]

Mandela Day 2020

On the 18th of July, Sesli’s Team split up and set out to various areas within Gauteng to do contribute 67 minutes for their community. One Team visited Dorah’s Ark Orphanage, gifting them with blankets to keep warm and safe during the winter months. Another Sesli Team visited Emandleni Informal Settlement, who welcomed Sesli with open […]

Sesli Textiles Donated Blankets To Sparrow Rainbow Village

On the 13th March 2020, Sesli Textiles donated blankets to Sparrow Rainbow Village. Sparrow Rainbow Village is the first Aids Hospice in the world. Caring for adults and children, they offer many services to those who need it most. Find out more about Sparrow Rainbow Village here

Sesli Textiles Donated Blankets To Florida SPCA

On the 13th March 2020, Sesli Textiles donated blankets to Florida SPCA. SPCA Roodepoort is one of the oldest in South Africa. Caring for animals, speaking up for them when needed and making sure all animals are treated correctly. We provide communities with knowledge and services to assist the wellbeing of their animals. Find out more […]