How to transition your bed from Winter to Spring

As the days start to get longer, and the temperature starts to get warmer, our bedroom may need a little change and refresh. Let us chat about how you can take your bed from a warm Winter bed, to a refreshed Spring boudoir.

Now is the time to give your bed a seasonal mini makeover.

As we start transitioning into Spring, keeping comfortable at night can be a little tricky as some nights will be warmer than others. We suggest keeping your 1Ply Mink blanket on your bed as it is warm, comfortable and lightweight, which is ideal for all year round!

These beautifully crafted blankets will keep your warm during the cooler nights and those chilly mornings we still experience during Spring.

Our Scotch Throws are perfect for when Summer rolls in.

Keep your room stylish and comfortable without feeling too hot during summer. If you have an air conditioner or a fan blowing in your room during summer, these throws are great to use as a light cover up during the night. These durable throws are lightweight, neutral colours to suit all rooms, and are great to roll up and keep close by in case of cooler nights.

Whether you are someone who loves to display their blankets as a cosy accessory in their home, or keep them hidden away, ensure that you always have your Sesli blanket close by for those cooler rainy days, for Family movie night or simply to relax on the couch and feel cosy after a long day.

Remember to wash your blanket according to the washing instructions found on our website.

All Sesli blankets can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle or can be dry cleaned. Air dry your blanket before putting it away.


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