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Blanket Manufacturing

Located in the bustling city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Sesli Textiles is a blanket manufacturing company. Established in 2000, Sesli Textiles is operated by the brothers Mr Mustafa and Muzaffer Sesli.

Sesli Textiles produces premium quality, 100% acrylic blankets, luxurious Mink blankets, assorted scatter cushions and beautiful chenille throws. All of which are manufactured from imported and locally supplied materials that are spun by Sesli Textiles and fully manufactured in South Africa.
Sesli Textiles manufactures blankets for various sectors of the market in Africa, supplying to both wholesalers and retail markets directly.


45 Years


We are a highly competitive frontrunner in the blanket manufacturing industry globally and our pricing, production and quality are all world-class.

Offering the market’s highest quality blankets, our products are unique and contemporary and we strive to continuously service our customers with our wide range of blankets, chenille throws and scatter cushions.

With the ethos of a family-run business, we pride ourselves in delivering blankets that ensure customer satisfaction.


Looking at getting unique, custom made blankets?

Sesli Textiles has you covered and is ready to meet your requirements!


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